Director: Jorge Rosero
Phone: 226-4531
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Maná del Cielo Ministries is the extended hand of Comunidad de Fe. Its mission is to touch low-income families throughout Ecuador in a practical way, providing resources to satisfy their basic needs, generating wellbeing and improving their lifestyle and at the same time sharing the Word of God with them contributing to their integral development.

Maná del Cielo functions with a group of volunteers committed to serving others, and also with financial, logistical and technological resources obtained through donations to provide food, clothing and medicine to families in need every week.

Since its beginning, the ministry has distributed more than 83’000.000 pounds of food and helped more than 3500 adults and children each month.


Maná del Cielo fulfills its mission and vision through three main social help programs::

• Food aid. Supports families and people who do not have the resources to cover their basic needs for food and clothing. This is accomplished through three programs: Families of Faith – food and clothing. Dining room of Faith – A place where lunch is served for free from Monday through Friday. Institutional Aid – working with institutions like orphanages, shelters, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers, helping them cover their basic food needs.

• Vulnerable groups aid. Two main programs help with food, clothing, emotional and spiritual support, contributing with practical solutions to diverse situations: Operation Rescue – It cares for people with addiction problems and who live in extreme poverty; Operation Hope – Attends children in risk situations.

• Community aid. Through visits to hospitals and medical and communitarian brigades we attend the basic needs for food, clothing, health and training in the Missions of Comunidad de Fe established in the most vulnerable sectors of our country.


Maná del Cielo has meetings every second Saturday of each month with its volunteers in Comunidad de Fe church at Melchor de Valdez Oe9-240 y Martín Ochoa at 7 am (GMT–5).