Director: Jorge Rosero
Phone: 226-4531
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Manna from Heaven is a ministry that works as an extension of Comunidad de Fe to reach low-income families throughout Ecuador by providing food, sharing God’s Word and planting cell groups in rural and marginalized areas.

This ministry, with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers and financial, logistical and technological resources obtained through private donations and self-management, provides food, clothing, and medicine to needy families every week.

Moreover, Manna from Heaven has distributed over 1’000,000 pounds of food since its inception in 2005, and feeds 3,000 children and adults every month.


Manna from Heaven fulfills its vision through three different ways:

• Help through food banks. this project supports families and individuals who don’t have the resources to meet their basic nutritional needs. We do this by giving people groceries, breakfast for school age children and we also have a hot kitchen that serves lunch from Monday through Thursday.

• Help to vulnerable groups. we have three different programs that help people in need: Operation Rescue, which helps people with drug addictions who live in extreme poverty; Operation Hope, which gives weekly food and emotional and spiritual support to children who live in a risky environment. And lastly, we give support to orphanages, homes for the elderly and rehab centers where our volunteers serve food and offer their help.

• Help to the community. this project’s main focus is to provide help in the areas of health, homes and education. We deliver food monthly to different provinces of Ecuador. We help with the development of communities in rural areas, educating people, helping them with their infrastructure and setting up computer centers and libraries. We also have medical brigades 4 times a year with volunteer doctors.


Manna From Heaven meets with all its volunteers on the first Saturday of every month in the Leadership School classrooms (next to the Occidental Campus) at 10.00 am.